The competence and experience of the Partners and of the study collaborators assures to the customers a total service of assistance and legal advice.

The constant presence of a qualified professional support allows you to face in real time the daily problems of customers and to offer timely the best solutions.

Business consultancy

The business consultancy service provides ongoing assistance and support to companies, with the aim of providing timely and concrete answers to the needs that arise on a daily basis in the areas of contracts, relations with suppliers and customers, and human resource management, with multidisciplinary professional skills and attention to civil, criminal, tax and administrative matters.

Dedicated to clients who need a legal partner on an ongoing basis, this service guarantees the presence of one or more lawyers from the team working in a one-to-one mode – also on site.

Extra-judicial assistance

The out-of-court assistance service covers the stages that necessarily precede or prevent the initiation of legal proceedings.

In this context, the firm also provides assistance in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings.

Within the scope of the matters at hand, during these stages Strada & Partners provides assistance to individuals and companies and seeks to pursue the best achievable goal together with its clients, in a timely, professional, and competent manner.

Judicial defence

Judicial defence represents one of the Firm’s most important consulting branches and is mainly divided into the following services:

Civil law:

– Contracts

– Credit recovery

– Corporate, commercial and bankruptcy law

– Intellectual property law

– Claims and civil liability

– Condominium and tenancy law

– Rights in rem and inheritance

– Separations, divorce, and family law

– Labour, social security, and insurance law

Criminal law

– Common criminal law and protection of crime victims

– Commercial criminal law

– Environmental criminal law

International law

– International commercial and corporate law

– Contracts

– Judicial protection of rights before the E.C.H.R.

Administrative and tax law

– Judicial protection of rights before the administrative justice bodies

– Environmental law

– Urban planning and construction law

– Tax and customs law


Attorney activity and legal domiciliation

Strada & Partners provides legal services in the Law Courts of Monza, Milan, and Brescia. Thanks to its widespread presence in Lombardy, the firm can also handle the right of substitution directly.

Furthermore, Strada & Partners offers its clients a legal domiciliation service.