uia women

Silvia Avogadro, Founding member of Strada & Partners, joined the Women’s Committee of the International Union of Lawyers (UIA).

Silvia Avogadro, Associate and Founding member of Strada & Partners, already member of the International Union of Advocates, joined the UIA’s Women’s Committee.

The Committee, which is a specialised section of the UIA, brings together professionals with a high cultural profile with the aim of strengthening international links, practices, and professional interactions in the field of the protection of women’s rights.

Working groups, institutional meetings, public debates, and in-depth sessions engage Committee members in the diffusion and development of internationally recognized principles in support of women worldwide.

“Through the comparative study of the systems in force on an international scale, the UIA Women’s Committee allows me to come into contact with and acquire first-hand knowledge regarding the diverse features of issues related to the protection of women in different countries of the world, as well as regarding the best and most effective forms of assistance and integration from a legal and social point of view” – stated Silvia Avogadro, Founder and Associate.

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